Casino Sic Bo strategy and the meanings of the best bets in the game

    Casino Sic Bo strategy and the game sense

    Sic Bo is a casino 3 dice game that comes from ancient China, and those players, who know casino Sic Bo strategy and how to win at Sic Bo, leave a casino with money. The game’s name can be translated something “large or small”.

    Casino Sic Bo strategy and its rules

    Sic Bo winning strategy helps players to guess which sides’ dots combinations will be rolled. The result is determined with 3 dice. Looking at the Sic Bo table, the newbie will find various betting positions where he can deposit chips. Once this is done, the dealer activates the Sic Bo container. As soon as the number of dots (sometimes, they are even called “eyes”) has been determined, the dealer types the numbers into a special board. In the end, it is checked who has lost or won. Then a new round starts. Actually, those, who play other casino dice games like Craps, are very attentive when choosing a casino Sic Bo strategy.

    Bets in Sic Bo

    The table here can give an understanding of the game bets. It must be used, as it includes special terms and moments that can be revealed only in Sic Bo. Here are the examples of the bets a player can choose.

    • Small: Here he bets on 10 or a smaller number;
    • Big: He bets that the total will add up to more than 10 points;
    • Specific triple: 3 dice have a certain number of dots;
    • Specific Double: 2 dice have the same number of dots;
    • Total: The exact number the player bets on comes;
    • Any triple: The player bets that any triple will fall, and it is the riskiest casino Sic Bo strategy.

    Triple here means that three dice have the same number of dots. If a gambler wins with a triple, he will get the biggest win.

    How to win playing Sic Bo

    There is a variety of Sic Bo game types, so the payout ratios are different. The average bank advantage is 2.5%. In other words, the RTP is 97.5%. This value is relatively high and allows nice winnings, for all those who are a little lucky and stay longer. All payout percentages have been calculated over the long term. Of course one can triple after just one round. However, the probability says that one will have to bet several times before a big win is waiting for him. The longer one plays and the more options he sees, the better.

    Where to play Sic Bo better?

    No matter whether a player wants to try luck using casino Sic Bo strategy in a free or in a real money game, dice strategy here is the 2nd moment. The most important thing here is to play only in a reputable casino. The criterion here is the gambling website license. Many platforms are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This controls the casinos whether they adhere to the strict guidelines. For example, it is checked whether all players’ funds are managed in a trust account. This point is extremely important. If the casino goes bankrupt, the player will get money back.

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