Sic Bo: the rules, features of betting and payouts

    Try Sic Bo! – Make several bets, at once, and build a unique strategy!

    As a rule, in most online casinos, there are real croupiers in card games and some slots. However, some companies began to offer this opportunity already in the game of Sic Bo. From the name, it’s clear that this game came from the East. Namely, it is one of the most popular Chinese dice games. In Europe, it is also called the Dice Pair. The great advantage of Sic Bo is that the chances of winning are equal. The reality process itself has become possible thanks to the development of technology. So, the use of standard video surveillance cameras makes Sic Bo more exciting, as they could transfer the traditional game to the Internet, preserving all its greatness and excitement.

    Sic Bo: the Essence of the Game

    The main task of the participants of the Sic Bo game is to predict the result of a dice roll. According to the rules of the game, in the Sic Bo can participate one or more players. Sic Bo provides small game table with a lot of rectangular layouts (sections) for bets of different sizes. Each section corresponds to a particular bet. So, gamblers should:

    • Select the chip value at the bottom of the screen. To select chips with the desired face-value, they should click on it;
    • Make a bet by clicking on the bet section on the playing field. According to the rules of Sic Bo, players can make more than one bet at once. They can change bets until they have rolled the dice;
    • They click the Start or Roll button to roll the dice, so three dice will be thrown into a specific open field;
    • Depending on the combinations of points on the dice, the player’s bet may win or lose;
    • To repeat the bet in the game, they should press the button on the “Re-bet” screen.

    It is one of the simplest dice games for money. Despite the purity of Sic Bo, astonishing winnings attract users to make bets in the game. A Sic Bo strategy can be one when players choose the best bet with a minimum casino advantage. It is either the minimum or maximum rate, with an advantage of 2.7%.

    System of Bets & Payouts in Sic Bo

    There are three dice in Sic Bo online, and the players can bet on all three, two or one. Many additional bets increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. After making the bets, players throw all the dice onto the table, after which the winnings are paid out. There are eight types of bets in total. So, if the selected number fell on one of three dice, then the players receive a 1:1 coefficient. Winnings are doubled on a match on two dice or tripled on a complete match. There are still rules for duplicates or in cases where all faces have the same number. Here are the Sic Bo rules that apply in this case:

    • The player receives a 5:1 coefficient when taking;
    • If the bet was on two numbers and a double fell, then the player is paid a win in eight times;
    • If the desired combination falls, the players receive a big prize, which is their bet increased by 150 times;
    • If all dice have the same number, then the players receive a bet * 24;
    • Bets on the amount depending on the selected number and range from 6-50 times increase;
    • A financially higher rate is considered to be more/less since the ratio is 1:1;
    • The same coefficient when choosing an even or odd combination of numbers.

    These are the main payouts that are made in the Sic Bo game. A live casino Sic Bo allows getting the most honest gameplay.

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