Sic bo online: learn about dice game rules, bets and payouts

    Sic bo onlinedicegame: how to play it?

    Sic bo is a simple to play and fun game that gives you a chance to win up to x180 to your initial bet just in one short round. This guide will tell you how to play sic bo online and explain the betting system and table layout.

    Sic bo online dice game rules

    You can learn online sic bo gambling rules in just 5 minutes. The game is played with 3 dice. You make you wager on one of possible outcomes and than throw the dice. If your bet wins, you receive the reward according to its payouts level. Here’s what you can get:

    1. Small. Includes any combination of 3 digits with the total from 4 to 10, except triples. It pays 1 to 1.
    2. Big. You’ll win if the sum of 3 numbers is 11 – 17. Again, triples are not included. You’ll get reward with 1 to 1 ratio.
    3. The wager on the total number of points for one dice roll. The prize varies from x60 for 4 and 17 to x6 for 10 and 11.
    4. Double. You win if you get 2 identical numbers like 5 and 5, for example. The payouts are 10 to 1.
    5. Specific triple. This sic bo online bet has incredible x180 prize, but the odds to win are really small and the house edge reaches 30% on it.
    6. Any triple. The bet pays 30 to 1. You’ll get a win if the dice show 3 identical digits.
    7. Two faces. You can make a wager on any combination of 2 numbers like 4 and 1. The prize is x5 to your initial bet.
    8. One specific number. The reward depends on the fact how many identical digits the dice have shown. It can be x1, x2 and x3 (x12 in some casinos) for 1, 2 or 3 numbers.

    The game setting is very fast and simple. You just make your wager and throw the dice. Then you win/lose and the new round starts.

    Where to play sic bo online?

    You can try sic bo online free in web casinos with no registration. Just find a website with the game and play it in demo. As for real-money gambling, you’d better be more scrupulous when choosing the casino:

    • make sure it’s legal to play;
    • the casino should accept players from your country;
    • find out whether it has license for gambling activities;
    • check whether the casino offers bonuses to its users;
    • make sure it has all the games you want to try.

    It’ll be even more fun and entertaining to play sic bo online if it’s live casino sic bo. This will give you an opportunity to gamble with all the benefits of land-based casino, including the dealer to throw the dice and answer your questions via live chat.

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