How to play Sic Bo: winning strategies & tips for new gamblers

    –†ow to play Sic Bo  is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance!

    Sik Bo first appeared in online casinos not so long ago but has already managed to win crowds of fans. Offline analog of this casino dice game was invented in ancient China. The translation Sik Bo is a pair of cubes. It is unclear why this game received such a name since not two but three dice participate in the gameplay. It is worth noting that the game is not built on any mathematical calculations but the users’ luck. The main task of the player is to guess in which area the bones will fall out. However, there are several style options of how to play Sic Bo, from which players can choose the one that will be closer and more comfortable.

    How to Play Sic Bo: Tips to Win

    Like any other online casino game, Sik Bo will not start until the users make a bet. By the way, there are several varieties of bets in the game:

    • Players have the best chance of how to play Sic Bo and win if they use large and small bets. The probability of victory, in this case, is almost 50/50. Triple, of course, spoils these indicators a little, but this is a rather rare combination, so players will often win;
    • Choosing a bet on one number is also a reasonably safe and cautious strategy of how to play Sic Bo. It leaves fewer chances to win, but slightly increases the chances of a big win;
    • Total bets also look quite attractive, especially since they have high bonus payout percentages in case of a win. Players should note that a bet of 10 or 11 points has the best chance. And although these combinations have the lowest bonus coefficient – they will appear much more often than the others.

    The basic Sic Bo strategy will help users increase their advantage over a gambling establishment. Using the basic tactics of the game, users must control the pace of the game. For example, if players feel that they have lost a lot of money in recent gaming sessions, it makes sense to reduce the speed of the game and activity. It will save them from completely emptying the game account. Another feature of the main Sic Bo how to play strategy is the fact that it is designed to receive small payments. In other words, using similar tactics, users should not rely on large profits. Thanks to the system, they will be able to receive small payments, which will differ in their regularity.

    Casino Dice Games: the Variety

    There is one more popular gambling game with dice in online casinos: craps. Craps is a gamble with rules that are quite complicated for beginners: there are several dozen different types of bets. However, there is good news for novice craps players – there is one single fundamental strategy for beginners, which is easy to follow. If the users have an impressive game account, then, in addition to the above features of the game, several recommendations come into force. Their meaning is to fluctuate bet sizes. For example, making minimal investments in the dice betting game, the users get excellent chances to win. To maximize profit, participants should increase bet maximally. It will increase the users’ profit and will significantly replenish their cash reserves. Based on mathematical probabilities, there are three main styles of play:

    • strategy with minimal risks;
    • medium risk strategy;
    • high-risk strategy.

    Each has a right to exist. Besides, the variation and combination of these strategies are quite common. Moreover, there are various numerical progressions strategies of how to play Sic Bo and other dice games: Martingale, D’Alembert system, Passwords, and so on. They designed to minimize the risks of financial losses by constantly but systematically changing the size of bets.

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